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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Brand Ambassador in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / February 16th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Do you have a new business or product you are about to launch? Do you want to make a lasting and highly impressionable initial engagement with your target market or audience? Then what you need to drive both client interest and sales, is to hire a brand ambassador or some promo models in NYC for your next promotional event.

A brand ambassador is a professionally trained individual who is your own personal sales rep, spokesperson, demonstrator, PR agent, and model for hire, all rolled up into one. They are your best and first point of contact with your customers. The impression they make can mean the difference between total success and a complete flop. So finding a reputable and well-respected brand ambassador agency in NYC that provides the best quality brand ambassador talent in the area is pivotal.
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10 Reasons to Hire a Brand Ambassador

# 1 People Skills - This is a faction of the hospitality industry that has to go above and beyond when it comes to sales and people skills. They need to know not only how to pitch to an individual, but to crowds of people. Answering questions, giving business information or product demonstrations, getting the people engaged and involved in the business or product they are promoting. It's a very demanding job in that these brand ambassadors are also promotional models. They combine good-natured personalities with a commanding presence and professional attitude.
#2 Experienced in Promoting - Brand ambassadors or promo models in NYC, can call themselves such because this is their career and they are experienced in selling and getting the right attention to your product or business. In other words- this "isn't their first rodeo".
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#3 Additional Training Received - A professional brand ambassador and model staffing agency, like Julia Valler, provides their own additional training to the brand ambassadors to ensure the best quality of service that all of the employees are providing. To establish a certain standard performance that is expected of Julia Valler in order to exceed our client's expectations.
#4 Help Set Up - Your big day for your promotion is going to be exciting and busy! So you could use probably an extra set of hands to get all the last-minute details just right. A truly great brand ambassador will assist you with your promotion setup and breakdown so that you can focus on more important matters.
#5 Engagement Initiators - They work for the crowd, they create enthusiasm, intrigue, and hopefully purchase interest within your customers. Their ability to charm and create a need for your business or product is one of their many valuable skills.

#6 Get Client Information - Do you want to be able to get your promotion event attendees' emails, phone numbers, and other contact information? From as simple as a clipboard to as high tech as a tablet, the brand ambassadors can use their people skills to take down 'the information of the piqued interest guests, to sign up for email lists, newsletter campaigns, snail-mail, and much more!
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#7 Greet & Welcome Attendees - The first person your promotional event guests should see is a person on your team with a charismatic and warm smile welcoming and thanking them for attending. A brand ambassador can do this, and this establishes and builds some initial rapport so that the ambassador can walk up and talk later with these guests much more easily about your business or product.
# 8 Demonstrations - Sometimes to make the perfect pitch you need more than just a verbal description or a chart on a screen. You need your guests to see action and take also that action themselves. If you can get your guests to interact and touch the product, you have better odds of making a sale. Having a brand ambassador giving demonstrations, inviting people to participate, is literally gold for promoting.

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#9 Parlez Vous With Everyone - Finding ambassadors that are not only NYC models for hire but are skilled AND multilingual is an amazing asset to have in a brand ambassador. They can ensure no guest feels left out or uninformed as to what is going on. It's a great extra to have if you know that you may have some event attendees from a foreign country.
#10 Tour Guides - Do you have an event that lasts several days? A great feature to offer your guests is a brand ambassador that is highly knowledgeable about the surrounding area your event is located in. They can offer assistance to your guests in finding their hotels, and even meet them at the airport to escort them to your event!

Why Choose Julia Valler Event Staffing for Brand Ambassadors
  • Thoroughly vetted staff to ensure top talent is provided.
  • Model quality staff to make the best impression for your guests.
  • W2 hired employees so you don't have to mess with contractual hires.
  • Uniforms are provided with options depending on the formality and style of your event.
  • Trained staff to provide top-quality services for your promotion event.
  • Remote staff selection so you can choose your staff from photos, video clips, resumes, and hand select your faves.
  • Account Executives waiting to answer your calls and questions and walk you through the process.
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