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What Events Should You Hire Models for

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /June 11th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Any type of event no matter the market to which they are catering would be advised to hire models for promotional campaigns and events. NYC Promotional models are helpful to aid with promotions in that they have a lasting and memorable impact on your target market. They are then associated with your product business and the memory sticks in the minds of your target audience. In this article, we will go over many of the reasons your promotional event would benefit if you were to hire models.

Who Are Promo Models

A promo model can be either male or female, and their appearance is something that will attract attention to your campaign. They are professionally groomed and trained to deliver your marketing strategies, and your brand message, and to positively impact your target market into becoming interested.

Whether it's an advertising campaign or a promotional event such as an exhibition when you hire models to support your campaign you increase the likelihood of success. Your strategy for gaining more customers to your business is most successful when you have a promotional model using their expertise, eye-catching presence, as well as their gift for gab to attract, engage, and inform your target audience about your brand.

NYC Promo models can wear custom uniforms such as t-shirts or hats with your logo or other brand identifiers. This will create also more of a memorable experience and get your brand imagery at the forefront of your target market.

Varieties of Promotions with Models

Most often, you should hire models for promotions of the following nature

  • Handing out printed marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers, business cards, etc.

  • Giving demonstrations, handing out samples, and presenting the goods to your target audience

  • Answering questions and guiding potential customers around at your event

In addition, hiring multi-lingual promotional models in NYC can be extremely advantageous, as they can act as an interpreter for events that cater to foreign clients.
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JV Staff is promoting Burberry

Advantages of Hiring Professional Promotional Models

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JV Street Team is promoting Buccelati
  • Promo models help raise awareness about your brand or business, and they also give your promotion greeter credibility in that you are hiring professionally trained marketers to be your company's representatives.

  • Using promo models improves your campaign's efficiency. They drastically increase the flow of traffic into your establishment or promotional space.
  • The overall effect of promo models on your marketing campaign is that although at first, you will be budgeting more for adding this facet to your marketing plan, the end result is that you will improve your brand reach and ultimately profits.

What Qualities Should a Promotional Model Have?

If you need to recruit models for any promotion, it is very important that such employees have the following characteristics:

  • High growth potential for the companies purposes

  • An attractive and memorable appearance of event staff

  • Excellent social skills and charm

  • Professional demeanor and ethics

  • Always on the go, very active in pursuing your target market

  • Experienced in marketing and promotions

About Julia Valler Event Staffing in NYC

Julia Valler has been providing top-level promotional modeling in NYC for clients since 2013. Our models for hire are experienced in all facets of marketing and promotional campaigns working for well-established and widely recognized brands.

Our agency proudly has attained a 98% client retention rate due to our consistent and reliable provision of staffing for events in NYC and other metro areas.

Give us a call today to learn how our NYC promotional models can make a big difference in your next promo campaign!
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