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Model staffing agency NYC
Many industries in NYC and elsewhere are not only built upon but remain at the top of their game by promoting themselves through eye-catching and attractive elements that get the attention of any given audience. Our model staffing agency not only provides exemplary NYC talent for event staffing purposes, but our model staff has a certain style, presence, and character that makes them stand out in a crowd and take your event to another level of class and elegance.
Model Bartenders
Our skilled and sophisticated staff of model bartenders not only perform at the highest standards of hospitality and bartending craft, but they have the personality that engages the customers and makes them feel most welcome. All of our bartenders are cherry-picked from the host of applicants we receive, in order to provide the most knowledgeable and talented craftsmen and women behind the bar.

They are able to work in any environment they are placed in, whether it's a full bar setup akin to a large busy restaurant, or small satellite bars spread around a venue, or a more intimate bar service setting in someone's home. They have wine, beer, and liquor expertise and make a cocktail worth its salt...or should we say salted rim!
Model Servers
Only the best make the cut to join Julia Valler's waitstaff team, to provide top-tier banquet service for a wide range of events and styles. Some of the most critical elements of any successful banquet event are servers that follow a strict event timeline, communicate effectively with their team, and not only meet, but exceed the expectations of their required duties.

Our model servers are experts in more than one style of service. They are able to offer plated dinner, buffet, French, and family-style service. Flexibility and adaptation are among some of their most valuable skill sets. They can be placed in any setting, whether filling in as support staff to your in-house team or working with other Julia Valler staff members as one cohesive unit hired to provide service to your event.
Model Promo Staff
Julia Valler promo staff or brand ambassadors, are like no other talent you will find, in their innate ability to charm, work the crowd, and show off their genuine charisma and good nature. They have been fully vetted and live-cast by our agency as part of our strict hiring process, in order to provide our clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that we have taken that step for them.

Our model staffing agency provides promo staff video intros on our website so you can gain a window view into their unique personalities. We have a model promo staff member for everyone and every occasion, as we commit to providing our clients with a diverse selection of talent to choose from.

Many of our promotional models are oftentimes multilingual and their native language is English. So your message not only can be heard and register well with the average New Yorker but depending on your venue and demographic, they can accommodate other guests who require additional languages!
About Julia Valler Model Staffing Agency
Our model staffing agency has been at the upper crust of event staffing services in NYC since its inception in 2013. We have created a legacy of providing our clients with only the best quality and experienced model-like staff for events of all kinds.

We are proud to state that we have a 98% client retention rate, and have a roster of clients with impressive names such as Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Coach, Ferrari, and many more!
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Our Advantages
  • Fully Remote Talent Casting
    We offer our clients the convenience and safety of hand-picking their staff members from the comfort of their homes.
  • Immediate Quotes
    Once you have established your hiring needs to us, we can provide you with a convenient and instant quote so you can organize your budget more easily.
  • Thoroughly Vetted Staff
    At Julia Valler, we are very selective in our hiring process and only 7% of the applicants are hired.
  • Account Executives
    Our team of talented and experienced Account Executives is an integral part of our agency as they guide our clients effortlessly through the hiring process.
  • Staff Uniform Selection
    We provide our clients with the ability to choose the perfect uniform style for their specific event. We also cater to unique uniform requests.
  • Available 24/7
    We understand staffing emergencies arise, that is why we are committed to providing you with last-minute staffing services after hours.
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