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Why You Should Not Save On Hospitality Staff When Organizing Events

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 15th, 2023 / ~ 7 minutes read
With each passing year, we have multiple reasons to celebrate in our personal and professional lives - be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, company founding dates, years of service milestones, or other recurring highlights. Whatever the occasion may be, event organizers and hosts want nothing more than to make their guests and celebrants feel cherished and taken care of. One way to add a touch of care and thoughtfulness to these celebrations is by hiring the services of professional hospitality staff who can take care of all the arrangements and ensure that everyone has a fantastic time.

Picture this - as your guests arrive, they are warmly greeted by impeccably attired, friendly hospitality staff, who offer them a glass of sparkling champagne. This seemingly small gesture adds a touch of refinement and sets the mood for an unforgettable party experience.
Throughout dinner, the waitstaff for hire will take charge of ensuring that every guest's glass is continually replenished, dishes are served and cleared in an orderly manner, and any other needs of your guests are promptly attended to. Such impeccable service ensures that the hosts can sit back and relax, knowing that their guests are in capable and attentive hands.

Any gathering is incomplete without impeccable bar service. While some casual events can make do with self-service, it's customary to have professional hospitality staff such as a bartender on hand for formal or significant occasions. Instead of a traditional bar setup, consider arranging multiple smaller bars or stations, each offering a delicious specialty cocktail meticulously crafted by your highly trained and skilled bartender. This arrangement adds a unique touch to your event and encourages your guests to chit-chat and mingle while sampling a diverse range of fantastic drinks.

In search of reliable individuals to care for your loved ones, colleagues, or acquaintances during a momentous occasion? Look no further, for Julia Valler Event Staffing is at your service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. It is no wonder that a multitude of clients repeatedly chooses us as their preferred provider of staffing for events.
For over 10 years, we have been recognized for our exceptional hospitality staff and services that exude luxury, professionalism, and dependability. Our unparalleled customer retention rate stands at an impressive 98%, with a significant number of clients entrusting us with their events since our debut in 2013. Collaborating with us guarantees you a personalized service from a designated account executive, who will accompany you every step of the way, addressing any inquiries you may have. Our selection process is rigorous, as we only recruit top-tier hospitality professionals, with a hiring rate of a meager 4-5% and a thorough vetting process. You can have peace of mind knowing that we have your hospitality staff's insurance covered, eliminating any liability that may arise in case of an accident. Our hospitality staffing agency is available round the clock, including after-hours, ensuring your event staffing needs are met promptly.

Elevate your guests to VIP status by enlisting the aid of our top-notch hospitality staff to manage setup, service, and cleanup during your significant event. This affords you and the organizers the liberty to mingle and connect with your guests while we handle the logistics. We implore you to commit our contact details to memory so that when your next event approaches, you can summon our services to hire skilled hospitality staff in NYC that will guarantee an unforgettable occasion.

About Julia Valler Hospitality Staff in NYC

  • At Julia Valler we have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for upscale events, serving clients across diverse industries and providing bespoke staffing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

    We understand that the success of any event hinges on the quality of the hospitality staff. That's why we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the most exceptional professionals in the industry, whether it's bartenders, waitstaff, hosts, or event captains.

    Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private celebration, or a high-profile gala, Julia Valler Event Staffing is your partner in creating an unforgettable experience. Trust us to deliver exceptional service, professionalism, and reliability every time.
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