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3 Components of a Perfect Server Job in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / October 06th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
Are you out there looking to find the perfect server job in NYC? There is a ton of competition out there, and everyone is fighting over the swankiest positions. But there is another option for finding a top server job in NYC that most people don't even think of. The answer? Event Staffing Agencies.

They have all the glimmer and appeal of the pay of some of the top restaurants in the city but with all the added benefits that traditional server jobs in NYC just can't always offer.
What are these benefits you ask? We will go over the 3 top reasons why joining an agency specializing in event staff in NYC like Julia Valler is the way to go for finding your new favorite server job in NYC!
What to look for when choosing a server job in NYC
#1 Convenient schedule
Do they work around your personal life? Are you able to take time off that you need to pursue family life, other interests, or emergencies that arise? Having an employer that understands that you have your own life outside of work is important.
#2 Competitive compensation
How does their rate of pay compare with the competition? Do they pay fairly for what the job entails? Do you get a higher rate of pay due to having more experience or showing advancement in your work performance? Being paid what you deserve should be of course high on the list of necessities.
#3 Growth Opportunities
Does the employer offer growth within the company for those interested? If you want to advance from a banquet server job to event captain and beyond, do they seek out and encourage this mobility among their team? This shows that the employer values their staff and trusts them to keep moving them up within the company instead of hiring outside the agency.

Julia Valler Calls All Banquet Servers in NYC

We are looking for the top contenders for waitstaff for hire in NYC. If you are passionate about hospitality and service and have the resume to back it up, then we want to bring you on board to be employed by our agency as staffing for events.
Our Advantages:
  • Competitively Pay: our pay starts anywhere from $23-30 per hour
  • Flexible schedule — you choose when you work to fit your personal life!
  • Earning opportunities - we are ready to give you as many hours as you want! Really!
  • Amazing opportunity to work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
  • Service training and professional growth opportunities. You can get $32-$35/hr for TL shifts and $40/hr for Captain's shifts
  • Gain excellent experience working with a team of top notch professionals
Does this sound like the perfect server job in NYC to you? We hoped you would agree! Contact us today to get started on our server application process. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team!
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