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Top 7 Mistakes in Organizing a Promotional Event

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /June 18th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
When you first develop your promotion in NYC to expand your brands reach, introduce a new product to your target market, or attract attention to some other facet of your business, it requires attentive planning, great marketing materials, and a solid team to deliver your message to your intended audience.

Any slip-up with any of these components of your promotion could have serious consequences for your launch, and you may not achieve the same level of success.

Here we will go over the top 7 mistakes to avoid when planning a promotional event:

1. Lack of Preliminary Calculations

This is the first step when organizing a promotion, and also the one that can bring your event to a grounding halt if not done properly. Before you get started planning your promotional event, you need to review the projected results of having such a promotional campaign. If you determine that your campaign will not be profitable you need to restructure your campaign and do the following:

  • brainstorm a new marketing concept.

  • bring a different promotional team to help you organize your event.

  • cancel the event or only certain facets of it.

2. Ignoring the Experience of Your Competitors

Not doing your homework can affect any event you wish to plan. When it comes to a promotional event, you need to first see if your type of promotion has been successful or not with your competitors. Look for businesses that are in your niche, what are they doing to promote themselves? What seems to work well? If you don't do this legwork before your big day, you may find that you have wasted your efforts on a marketing technique that is not going to contribute to the success of your promotion.
promotional events
A common mistake of promotions is that when organizing an event, similar cases are not taken into account

3. Poor Location Choice

promotional events
One of the basic rules of promotions is that the right place is a key component in the success of the event
Location, location, location- is everything! Not having a great location for your promotion in NYC can adversely affect the results of your intended marketing plan. You need to look for the best options available to you within your budget to best achieve your promotional goals. You can choose from the following locations:
  • On the street (busy squares, intersections);
  • In certain buildings (shopping centers, shops)
  • Large Scale Events (Expos, Shows, Fairs, etc.)
The most important factor that goes into selecting your venue to hold your promotion, is to find a spot where the most people from your intended market will be.
Promo models help raise awareness about your brand or business, and they also give your promotion greeter credibility in that you are hiring professionally trained marketers to be your company's representatives.

4. Wrong Time Selection

Another important facet of planning a promotional event in NYC is to make sure that you have chosen the most idyllic time for your intended audience to maximize the impact. Weekends and evenings tend to be better, as most people have more free time during those times. An even better idea is to have your promotion coincide with a specific date (I.e. a national holiday, the anniversary of the company, or the date a product officially launches. etc.)

5. Lack of Control

Not having the organizational skills or control over all facets of your promotional event, can lead to a total failure for your event. You need to know what is going on at all times at your event so that you can ensure that everything is working as planned.

6. Being Overly Budget Conscious

Everyone operates a promotion within a budget, but if your budget controls restrict your event to the detriment of its success, you are wasting your entire campaign's efforts. You don't want to cut costs on the important parts of your promotional campaign, especially when it comes to:
  • Staffing
  • Uniforms
  • Marketing Materials
promotional events
You should not save on everything when organizing an effective promotion

7. Not Recruiting Top Promotional Talent

A lot of entrepreneurs ignore the high importance of having an experienced and professional marketing staff with which to run their promotional campaign. Oftentimes they just hire the cheapest labor to run their event, which more times than not means they have never worked a promotional event before and are not skilled in this field.

Poorly skilled promotional staff is one of the biggest mistakes event planners can make when organizing a promotion. It is imperative that your promo team be:
  • Social and Outgoing
  • Professional
  • Charismatic
These staff members are the face of your company, so it is critical that you are wise in your selection and choose only the very best and most experienced individuals to represent you.

Luckily for that, Julia Valler Event Staffing in NYC has the largest team of promotional models that have the experience, training, and professional support, to carry your promotional event to the finish line with top success.

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JV Promo Staff is ready to help make your event marketing effective
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