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5 Reasons to Hire Wait Staff Through the Agency

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /July 29th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
There are innumerable reasons for hiring wait staff in NYC. The possibilities can range from someone throwing a party for a special occasion to an event planner that needs readily available staffing options, or you work in the hospitality industry and need to hire additional staff due to high turnover, illness, or simply to have extra hands on deck during the busy season.

Hiring your wait staff through an agency is the smart move due to its ability to be flexible to the individual staffing needs that you require at a moment's notice. Let's jump into why hiring your wait staff through a professional banquet server temp agency in NYC is the way to go!

Why You Definitely Need to Look for Waitstaff Though the Staffing Agency

Reason #1 Adjust Your Staffing Needs Easily

If you have an emergency staffing need or a busy season coming up and you need to quickly fill in your scheduling gaps to be able to maintain your standard of business, then hiring wait staff through an agency is highly convenient. They have done all the background work for you, and the staff is trained, vetted, and experienced, you just need to hire them!

Reason #2 Extra Savings in Your Wallet

When you hire your staff through an agency, you are not responsible for paying sick leave, vacation time, or other employee incidentals. The agency assumes all of the financial responsibilities for the staff, so you can hire your wait staff and save that extra cash to put towards your business!

Reason #3 Always a new large pool of candidates

Many wait staff prefers to work on a more casual basis by working for an agency and not being stuck on a regular hospitality shift- so they attract top talent due to these job perks. Agencies are always recruiting new talent and offer a diverse and multi-talented group of professionals with which you can hand pick your ideal team.

Reason #4 High quality wait staff

Agencies earn their reputation and their bread and butter by recruiting only the top talent in the area. When you hire your wait staff through an agency you are getting the best professionals at their craft with the most experience that has been verified.

Reason #5 Fulfillment of their duties

When you acquire wait staff for hire through an agency, you don't have to worry about whether or not the staff will complete their job requirements. They are trained and experienced enough to know exactly what their duties are, and to do them exceedingly well.

Where to Find a Reputable Wait Staff Temp Agency in NYC

Julia Valler is the leading source for hiring event staff in NYC. Our agency has been providing top-tier staffing for events since 2013. Our company has built a solid reputation for service excellence in providing hospitality event staffing for such notable business names as Tiffany and Co., Chanel, Gucci, Ferrari, Disney, The MET, and many more!

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