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Unwritten Rules of Bartending in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /August 10th, 2022 / ~ 10 minutes read
There are many known and unwritten rules for bartending in NYC that most professional NY bartenders know. These rules serve as professional guidelines that every bartender must follow in order to provide top-level bartending services to guests.

Bartending in NYC and the Art of Hospitality

Bartending in NYC is not only a job, it's an art form that many bartenders take very seriously as it is their professional craft and trade. A truly talented bartender not only serves drinks but is continually developing new savory and sweet drink recipes with which to wow their guests.
Bartending Rules You Won't Read in a Textbook
  • 1
    Keep Organized
    When bartending in NYC, you need to have an immaculate-looking bar, where every bottle is in it's assigned spot, so that you and the other staff can retrieve what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible on a busy night.
  • 2
    Always Well-Groomed
    Bartending in NYC demands that you look your very best at all times so that the guests are given a good first impression about both the business you are working in and also your own seriousness about your profession.
  • 3
    No Phone on the Job
    There is nothing more disdainful to guests than seeing a bartender or other staff member, paying attention to a cell phone while working. It is distracting and unprofessional, so keep all phones on silent and away from your workstation.
  • 4
    No Political or Religious Talk
    Keeping your own personal beliefs and opinions to yourself is best when it comes to providing hospitality to your guests. You don't want to inadvertently offend or irritate someone.
  • 5
    Don't Complain to Guests
    Complaining in general or especially about your job while bartending in NYC is a big no-no. It makes the staff member who does it look immature and unprofessional and puts the employer in a negative light. Keep the conversations light.
  • 6
    Eat before work
    While many hospitality businesses offer meals to their employees, especially if they work a long shift when you can, before your shift starts, try to eat before you arrive, so you don't need to delay your shift to eat on the job or work on an empty stomach.
  • 7
    Don't drink alcohol while working
    While on the job bartenders and all staff are strictly forbidden from consuming alcohol.
  • 8
    Be friendly and positive
    A warm smile and upbeat personality and mood go a long way to make the guests feel welcome when you are bartending in NYC.
  • 9
    Help your workmates
    Good teamwork is key to making good relationships with the other staff members. Offer help when you can, because you never know when you may need help yourself.
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How to Become a Perfect Bartender in NYC

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