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Simple Rules for Choosing Servers for Catering Events
in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /March 5th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Here are some simple guidelines for finding the best servers for catering events. If you are an event planner, a caterer by trade, or are perhaps just looking to get into the business and want to know what it entails, we have tips for you when you are seeking catering staff for hire.

How to Organize a Catering Event
That You Are Not Ashamed Of

A lot goes into planning any kind of event. A catering event can oftentimes be even more stressful and require more attention because not only are you providing the food and beverage to your client, but you need to have a way of distributing the food and drinks to the guests at the function.

Researching and sourcing reliable staffing for events in advance will save you many a headache later on and produce a catering event to be proud of, not one you wish never happened. You want to find waitstaff and servers for hire that you know have had experience in this particular style of event function. That they know how to help distribute the food or help plate the food for the guests. That they understand that helping set up and break down the event is an integral part of their job responsibilities. You need staff that is trained, up to code on their food safety certifications, and that will be there on the day they were hired to work, dressed to impress, and on time.
servers for catering events
You can have the best food, the greatest delivery service, and a string of amazing ratings from clients. But if you hire catering staff that makes the guests feel neglected, or make rookie mistakes, or you are understaffed because the people you hired off of a gig site just didn't show up at all, those glowing business reviews on google could suddenly start to plume and then people will start to stray away from you.

What Staff Will Be Needed
for the Catering Event

servers for catering events nyc
Depending on your particular catering business and how in-depth and how large of a function you are providing food and beverage services for will determine how many and what types of staff including servers for catering events you will need. Here are some examples of staff you could utilize for your next catering event.
Waitstaff - greet the guests, serve food and drink, maintain tables and provide great service, help set up and break down events.
Bartenders - Sets up bar space, greets guests, may serve food, prepares drinks either open bar or through a pre-established drink menu.
Bussers - help set up events, clear tables, clean restrooms, maintain clean floors, and help break down the event.

Event Captains - oversees larger event types to make sure communication and service is seamless.

Bar Captains - used in case of multiple bar setups for larger events to make sure bars are receiving supplies and addresses any situations that may arise.

Cocktail Servers - greets guests, may serve appetizers, and also drinks to guests.

How to Find Servers for Catering Events
in NYC

The best way to find servers for catering events in NYC is to source your staffing needs through a respected and reputable catering staffing agency. Sourcing talent through job search engines or gig sites is extremely risky and should not be the way to go when it comes to your business. You may strike gold and get lucky, but for the most part, you do not have a trusted way of verifying who exactly you are hiring until you see their work.

Why You Should Trust a Catering Staffing Agency

A catering staffing agency is a reliable and go-to source of talent because they have the experience and know-how of recruiting top talent to their agency in order to provide dependable and professional services to their clients. It is imperative to their business's success to have talent that they know is skilled, reliable, and professional.

Measures such as background and employment verifications, providing additional training, and seeking only the best of the best, are part of the recruiting steps that top catering staffing agencies must employ. At Julia Valler, these very steps are part of the fabric of our business and are the reasons why we have been considered since our inception in 2013 as the best source of event staffing particularly model catering in NYC.
servers for catering events in nyc
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