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Servers for Corporate Events: Every Detail Matters

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /April 29st, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
When it comes to servers for a corporate event, it is imperative that you find the right staffing for your needs so that every facet of your event is completely covered.

This is a type of event where impressions are everything, and professionalism is of the utmost importance. You want to be sure that the wait staff matches the level of decorum that your event demands.

What Does a Corporate Event Mean for a Company?

A corporate event means an opportunity for a company to increase the interaction between team members, to create a sense of belonging to the company in and of itself, to share company updates on a more personal level with your employees, and to overall get your staff more involved in participating in the company's goals.

Achieving success with the right staffing for events can make all the difference in the world when it comes to ensuring the event runs as seamlessly as possible.
servers for corporate events

Types of Corporate Events

There are several types of company occasions with which you would need to hire servers for corporate events. The servers can be used to provide appetizers, drinks or cocktails, buffet service, banquet service, and more. This enhanced experience at your next corporate event will go a long way to make your staff feel more encouraged to attend. The type of corporate events that could benefit from such service include the following:
  • Shop Opening
    This is an event where you would have a grand opening to spark interest in the community the shop is a part of or to celebrate the opening with your employees.
  • Presentation of New Products
    Having a staff meeting to introduce a new product you are going to be marketing soon and sharing the talking points for promoting the new product to your team and letting them try the new product out to gain feedback.
  • Team-Building Events
    If you want to improve or strengthen the comradery of your staff, team-building events are a great way to improve relations and cooperation among your employees.
  • Trade Shows
    Trade shows allow your company to feature themselves and promote your business and products to a diverse crowd in order to spread interest.
  • Conferences
    Meetings from top executives and board members, to department meetings, are necessary to keep communication lines open in a company.

Why Servers for Corporate Events Need to be Chosen Twice as Carefully

servers for corporate events
You want to be sure when you are looking to hire servers for corporate events, that you recruit individuals who are incredibly trustworthy and professional at all times.

This means that they are polished and presentable from their hair down to their shoes. Their uniform is the same as the next staff member and it's clean and pressed. They are cordial and welcoming to your guests in a natural way and exhibit immense tact in how they approach your guests to offer food or refreshments.

How to Hire Professional Servers for Corporate Events in NYC

The most reliable source for hiring event staff in NYC for a corporate function is to go through an experienced hospitality staffing agency.

With a well-tenured agency like Julia Valler at the helm of providing you with all of your event staffing needs, you do not need to worry. You won't have to stress about getting involved in determining what the staff's experience levels are if they have had any additional training, whether their food safety certifications are up to date, providing the staff with any disciplinary actions, or worrying about whether they will show up professionally attired or show up at all to your big day!

An agency such as Julia Valler has already done the hard work of recruiting and vetting top talent in order to provide exemplary services to our clients. Having an unreliable staff member is a liability to any event staffing agency, so we only hire the very best and most professional staff members to be brought onboard our exclusive team.

About Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency in NYC

Julia Valler has been in the industry of providing excellent staffing for events for nearly a decade. We are NYC natives and our top-level executives have worked in all facets of the hospitality and event industry. We know what it takes to provide top-level service to clients and the expectations of our staff are very high.

We are proud of our 98% client retention rate and having such notable repeat client names with our agency such as Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, The MET, Disney, and many more!

Give us a call today to learn what we can do to provide you with stellar staffing talent for your next corporate event!
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