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Basic Customer Service Rules for Bartenders in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /October 17th, 2022 / ~ 10 minutes read
There are a series of basic rules that all bartenders in NYC are obliged to follow in order to perform their craft well. They range from professional behavior to job skill sets and are all equally important when providing excellent hospitality to guests.

Bartenders in NYC are a cut above the rest when it comes to talent, professionalism, and experience. By virtue of landing a job in NYC, means that you as a bartender are able to handle more stressful job factors than most other bartenders in the world.

A true bartender veteran from NYC knows that these rules are set in stone and are performed on autopilot most of the time. For those of you wishing to brush up on your bartender skills, these are the rules of basic customer service that bartenders in NYC and beyond must offer.
#1 Always Be Polite and Considerate
  • Bartenders in NYC can at times deal with high-octane situations with guests who are extremely difficult. No matter what, keeping a level head, offering polite greetings and communications while always being thoughtful to attend to the guests' needs, is absolutely imperative.
# 2 Keep Your Bar Clean
  • A bar is a reflection of the bartenders in NYC who stand behind it. Having an organized work area that is easily accessible and also clean, shows the seriousness and dedication that the bartender has towards their craft, and is thus reflected in the guests.
# 3 Always Try to Help Your Guests
  • Offering assistance with menu selection, answering any questions that the guest has, and being available to help whenever the guest needs you are important.
# 4 Know the Сocktails and Products You Offer
  • You can't sell it if you don't know it. Bartenders in NYC need to have confidence in the menu and the products they are selling. When you know your product backward and forwards, it emanates from you and makes your sales pitch stronger.
# 5 Take Your Job as a Bartender Seriously
  • This is more than just a job, it's a profession that is highly competitive and can be equally lucrative. It is an art form and craft, so take your bartending job seriously, and put your best effort forward.

How to Succeed as a Bartender in NYC

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