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Hire Waitress Staff for your Event in NYC

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Give your NYC event that extra bit of class and impress your guests with professional top-notch waitress staff for hire from one of NYC's top staffing agencies. Our agency has been the leader in staffing agencies in NYC since 2013. We offer for hiring purposes Waitress staff, Bartenders, Catering staff, Banquet servers, Promotional Staff, Cocktail servers, and many more.

The Best of the Best in Talent

Our waitress staff for hire is carefully selected and fully vetted from a plethora of applications that our agency receives daily. Only 7% of applicants are considered to be up to Julia Valler's high standards of service, and go on to be subjected to a background check, employment verification check, a multi-tier interview process, and then a test for their specific job skills. Then and only then are those candidates offered a formal contract of employment.

We go through this strenuous hiring process in order to guarantee to our clients that we only provide exceptional talent for staffing purposes. This standard of ours gives our clients peace of mind when it comes to their event planning-one less thing to worry about.

Why Choose Our Staff

Our staff shows up on time, professionally groomed and dressed, ready to work as a team as soon as they arrive on-site, with the knowledge and expertise from years of experience and our additional training, to provide the best quality of service with a smile. They are fully certified in food safety protocols, have wine and beverage knowledge, and are aware of special circumstances and care given to guests with certain food allergens.

What Type of Events Can I Hire For

Our waitress staff for hire can work a multitude of different events and have the experience of working many different types of events in all sizes. For example, we have worked on Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Bachelor/Bridal Engagement parties, Galas, Store Openings, Promotional Events, Cocktail Parties, and many more.

Our staff has the flexibility to adapt to any style of event and service required, in order to provide our clients with the best experience for themselves and their guests.

Why Choose Julia Valler Event Staffing

  • Account Executives
    Our talented and highly experienced Account Executives work one on one with our clients to aid them in any and all of the planning of their event. Any questions you have or concerns about the hiring process, our Executives will easily handle and take care of.
  • Longevity
    Our agency has been in business successfully helping a long client base for almost a decade.
  • 98% Return Clients
    Because of our top standards in providing service to our clients, we are pleased that 98% of our clients use us on a repetitive basis and many have formed business accounts with our agency.
  • Top Talent
    We search and recruit only the best talent to offer as a representation of our business to our clients. They are thoroughly vetted to ensure their performance, skills, knowledge, and behavior fall in line with our high standards.
  • Remote Online Staff Selection
    Since 2020, a very desirable feature we offer our clients is the ability to select from our staff online by viewing photos, video clips, and work experience.
Not only do we provide waitress staff, we provide peace of mind

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