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Waitstaff for Catering:
What You Need to Know About the Profession

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / July 10th, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read

Benefits of working as a Catering Waitstaff

There are countless advantages to being waitstaff for catering versus being a typical restaurant server. One of the biggest perks is that you have much more flexibility with your schedule, allowing you more free time to pursue your other interests or attend to your own personal life.

With a restaurant server job, you are assigned a set schedule with minimum scheduling adjustments permitted. If you are needed to work your shift, unless you are ill, or can get permission to switch with another server, you are locked into working that shift.

With banquet server or catering waitstaff jobs, you get to select what banquet or catering events you wish to work on based on your own personal schedule. This flexibility and respect for your own personal time are what draw many servers to switch from restaurant careers to working as catering waitstaff or banquet servers for special events.

Another plus to working as a catering waitstaff or a banquet server in NYC is that you get the social aspect of being in the center of the action, bumping elbows with celebrities, and working in gorgeous venues. These events are also usually celebrations of some sort, so the atmosphere is much more positive and engaging than a typical shift for waitstaff.

Working as a catering waitstaff also lends the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make long-lasting friendships with other staff members.

Before the event, do not forget to check

waitstaff for catering
JV Staff works extremely well in a team
  • - When the event starts and ends and where the event is located.
  • - Your uniform is clean, pressed, with polished shoes.
  • - How many guests are attending this event.
  • - What kind of event you are working on - Birthday? Wedding? Fashion Show?
  • - What your assigned job responsibilities are for this event, are you working in a team, and who do you report to?
  • - Any other details pertaining to the event that could be of interest to you.

The best way to become a catering server

If you are interested in pursuing the career of a catering server, then you need to find a well-respected event staffing agency in your area.

Make a list of the top known agencies in NYC that are recruiting staffing for events and inquire as to their rate of pay, what benefits they offer, how long they have been in business, and other perks that could

About Julia Valler Event Staffing

Julia Valler is one of the most renowned agencies that specialize in event staff in NYC. Our agency has been providing catering waitstaff and banquet server jobs among other hospitality positions for almost a decade to a long list of happy clients.

We proudly work for some of the biggest brand names in the world such as Coach, Chanel, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, Disney, and many more! Our professionalism and dedication to providing service excellence is what brings in top clients and maintains our 98% client retention rate.

To learn more about Julia Valler event staffing opportunities, give us a call today!
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