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How to Find Waitstaff for Thanksgiving in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / November 11nd, 2022 / ~ 7 minutes read
Thanksgiving Day is getting closer by the day, and grand dinner plans and preparations are being made by many. If you have a large Thanksgiving dinner planned, and you want everything to be perfect for your guests, hiring professional waitstaff to provide that extra note of class and service might be just the treat that both you and your guests will be thankful for this year!

One of the biggest causes of stress for everyone on Thanksgiving, no matter if you are preparing your own feast or hiring a private caterer, is that the day requires a lot of work and attention to detail.

What if you could minimize that time serving hot dishes of roast turkey, and stuffing, with a side of cranberry sauce, and instead sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the meal with everyone else?

With waitstaff ready to address your guest's every need, you can relax knowing that your Thanksgiving dinner is in capable hands. At the same time, your guests will be bedazzled with your sumptuous feast paired with our amazing waitstaff service.

How to Find a Helper for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

There are several routes one can take to find fantastic waitstaff for hire in NYC to serve up a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. There are however risks involved with some of them, that you would be better off avoiding. Here are some options for hiring waitstaff:
  • Advertise on a Job Board - You can try to source talent from job sites, but you have no wait of vetting the talent beforehand to know their true skills and experience. There is also the high risk of this person either showing up late or not at all for your event, leaving you scrambling to try to find a replacement last minute.
  • Friends/Family Recommendations - Finding waitstaff through a trusted source like friends and family may seem like a good option but it is not. Just because your cousin's neighbor's son highly recommends this individual, does not mean that they know for a fact how they act on the job, how well they have been trained, and their full work background.
  • Use a Staffing Agency - This is the most reliable source for hiring waitstaff for any event. An agency is responsible for verifying its staff's work experience, knowledge, and professional capabilities. An agency also assumes all of the risks involved when hiring individuals and guarantees you the service that you requested.

Julia Valler Servers for Thanksgiving Dinner

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