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3 Ways to Rent a Bartender in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing /July 4th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
If you are looking to rent a bartender in NYC for an event that you have coming up, you will need to compare and contrast first the 3 different ways of obtaining bartenders for hire in the New York Metro area.

We will weigh out the pros and cons for each one to give you an accurate view of each option so you can choose the best course of action for yourself. So let's dive into the top 3!

1. Rent a Bartender Through a Gig Website

rent a bartender
There are a lot of different job websites online at your disposal to rent a bartender for any kind of occasion. This is usually the first idea that pops into people's heads when it comes to hiring talent -to either go to Craigslist, Indeed, or any other popular job site board to put up an advertisement and then let the applications roll in. However, as convenient as gig websites may sound, they have their ups and downs.

Pros: Easy to use, applicants are all obtained online, relatively affordable option, lots of applicant potential.

Cons: No background check included, no way to verify work history, you are hiring a total stranger.

2. Rent a Bartender Through Acquaintances

This may seem like the logical route to take, to ask your friends, families, and other people in your circle of trust, who they know and recommend to rent as a bartender. Everyone has at least someone they know or a friend of a friend, who is or was once a bartender. It's inevitable. You may feel a sense of comfort sourcing a bartender for hire with someone who at least has some sort of connection with a crowd of people you know and trust. But, with the pluses come the minuses with this option.

Pros: Comes recommended by someone you know, makes you feel more comfortable in hiring.

Cons: Won't know their true abilities till the day of the event, no employment verification or background check.
rent a bartender

3. Rent a Bartender Through an Agency

rent a bartender
A bartender's space is best organized if the goal of the speed of service goes into the organizational plan's core. They need to easily access the most frequently used bottles, tools, and any other supplies that they have at their disposal.

A bartender does not want to be struggling to find something they need when they are making a drink, while simultaneously trying to take another order from a guest, as well as trying to ring up someone else bar tab. They have to be fluid and in motion at all times behind the bar, moving quickly to create drinks while providing excellent service to the other guests.

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