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A Wedding Bartender Will Make Your Special Day Perfect

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / March 11th, 2022 / ~ 9 minutes read
A wedding reception includes the basic necessities for your guests; food, music, and a bar! The wedding bartender is one of the most critical staff members for your reception. You don't want to change your reception's success with a wedding bartender that has minimum skills or no skills at all. The reason for this is weddings usually mean volume. Most wedding guest lists can be pretty large, and that means a lot of drink orders coming in sometimes all at the same time. You need a wedding bartender that not only can make any drink order that comes their way but can also handle the pressure and stress of working a larger event.

What Can a Wedding Bartender
Do for Your Wedding?

A bartender in NYC can make your wedding a real celebration. Their responsibilities will be to set up the bar to your specifications for your particular event. If you are choosing to use what's called "Well" alcohol, meaning using basic or cheaper brands of alcohol, or if you have opted for your reception to have "top shelf" alcohol, or the more expensive brands of alcohol. The bartender will make sure the glassware for all possible beverages that could be ordered is clean, polished, and ready to go. Any mixers for drinks, water bottles, beer bottles, and wine bottles, are ready to be served and/or chilled well ahead of your event starting. A really good wedding bartender will anticipate the needs for the event ahead of time, and make all necessary preparations.
wedding bartender nyc

What Should a Wedding Bartender Look Like?

A bartender for a wedding should appear well-groomed, professionally attired, and appear confident to do the job at hand. You don't want someone who shows up to the event with ripped jeans, flip flops, and hair that looks like they just woke up. They should be presentable and invoke a sense of trust in their craft and their abilities.

How Not to Make a Mistake When Choosing a Wedding Bartender?

wedding bartender nyc
To guarantee that you find the best bartenders for hire in NYC you need to find the best staffing agency in NYC that offers bartending services as one of their core components. You need to make sure that the bartender(s) you are hiring have experience and skills that have been verified, has specific experience in weddings or large venue jobs, and are a reliable individual to hire for the job. Going this alone and trying to hire a bartender yourself could spell disaster. It will be very difficult for you to know for sure just how skilled the bartender is until they work your event. A staffing agency has already done this hard work for you in choosing and vetting all talent ahead of time.

Is It Easy to Find a Wedding Bartender in NYC?

Finding a wedding bartender in NYC is easy, finding a GOOD wedding bartender is a whole other matter. Trust a reliable staffing agency like Julia Valler to make your life and your event stress-free. Julia Valler has long been trusted for our bartender services in NYC for the past decade. We carefully select our team in order to hire the very best talent, as they represent our agency and we stand by our guarantee to only provide the finest talent to our clients.

Choose Julia Valler Event Staffing

The choice is simple - for your next wedding, find a bartender you know will be fully prepared to do the job and be a cut above the rest!

Here are some benefits we offer to our clients:
  • Model Quality Top Talent - Our staff is considered top-shelf employees for their elegant appearances, high-caliber skills, and years of experience.

  • Remote Staffing - We offer a fully remote staffing option where you can choose your staff from our online roster through photos, videos, and resumes.

  • Immediate Quote - Your budget is as important to us as it is to you, we provide immediate quotes to our clients for your convenience.

  • Professional Uniform Selection - We have a variety of uniform options from simple to elegant, perfect for any type of occasion. We also work with custom uniform requests!

  • Fully Vetted Employees - We review backgrounds, experience, test skill levels, and provide additional training to all of our employees.
wedding bartender nyc
Find wedding bartenders in NYC with Julia Valler Event Staffing

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