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What You Should Know Before Hiring Promo Staff in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / May 04th, 2023 / ~ 8 minutes read
Selecting suitable promo staff in NYC to promote your event is a crucial measure in ensuring the success of your promotional campaigns, whether it be a street activation, store inauguration, product launch, or any other marketing event. Prior to recruiting promotional staff, it is essential to acquaint oneself with these seven vital facts about promotional modeling in NYC.
  • Less is More - It's worth noting that even a small team of promotional staff can have a significant impact on the overall success of your brand. Collaborating with seasoned promo staff in NYC has the potential to generate favorable publicity for both your product and the company. Conversely, using untrained or unprofessional promotional models can leave a negative impression on your guests, which would invariably be linked to your brand.
  • Hire the Right Way - Opting to recruit promo staff in NYC from the streets is a precarious endeavor. Placing a vague advertisement looking for talent, would necessitate you sifting through numerous resumes and conducting several interviews, which may not guarantee that you end up with responsible and professional personnel. This is where partnering with an event staffing agency comes in handy, as it provides several benefits.
  • Learn about their Hiring Practices - When collaborating with an agency, it's wise to inquire about their staff recruitment and training procedures. The top-notch event staffing agencies are highly selective, typically selecting only a small fraction, roughly 5-10%, of their applicant pool. This practice serves to guarantee that you are working with the crème de la crème of the field. Moreover, leading agencies often provide ongoing training opportunities to promote professional development, further solidifying the expertise and skills of their promo staff in NYC.
  • Event Training is Key - To effectively promote your brand to the public, it is essential that your promo staff is well-versed in your company and products. While many promo staff in NYC have a knack for quick learning, it's advisable to consider organizing a training session before the event to further enhance their knowledge.
  • Don't Ignore Insurance & Liability - It's not uncommon to overlook insurance when recruiting promo staff in NYC. Nevertheless, in the event that something goes awry, you could find yourself responsible for any damages. When collaborating with an agency, it's important to confirm that the agency provides insurance coverage for its models. You may even request a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for your event to be absolutely certain that your bases are covered.
  • Remote Talent Selection - We highly recommend handpicking your own promo staff in NYC since you are the one who best understands your brand and the type of person that would best represent it. While conducting live auditions can be costly and take up a lot of much-needed time, several event staffing agencies provide a photo or video of their staff that enables you to evaluate potential hires conveniently from home.
  • Don't Take Uniforms For Granted - Although it may be a quick fix to dress your promo staff in NYC in plain clothing, providing uniforms can significantly enhance their professional appearance. Additionally, creating branded uniforms is an excellent way to attract attention to your brand and promotion. If time or budget constraints prevent you from creating your own branded uniform, consult with the agency to learn about the uniform options they can supply you with.
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