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No matter the occasion, with Julia Valler at the helm, your event staffing needs will be taken care of completely to ensure your big day is a huge success.

This is what we do — we provide exemplary event staffing talent for both private and corporate events alike. If you are an event planner, a private party coordinator, or a venue that needs to add on more event staff during the busy season, we have you covered.

We can provide event staff for many kinds of events: weddings, cocktail parties, galas, promotional events, banquets, corporate dinners, and many more!

The event staff is comprised of any type of hospitality position you can imagine. We provide Servers, Bartenders, Promotional Models, Bussers, Event Captains, and several other related event staff members.

Event Staff and Their Responsibilities

Please inquire with our Account Executives for more information on additional event staffing solutions that we have available to you.
Servers and Waitresses
Serving food whether table side or buffet, explaining menu items, providing excellent customer service, greeting guests warmly as they arrive, refilling beverages, being attentive and anticipating guests' needs ahead of time, keeping tables and food serving areas clean.
Greeting guests as they come to the bar, preparing cocktails and other beverages, keeping bar area clean and sanitary, stocking all supplies for bar area, communicating to barbacks when running low on certain items.
Constantly walking the venue to make sure all floors are clean and that guests' needs are being met. Clearing tables after each meal, removing dirty glassware, refilling water glasses, replacing any dirty linens, resetting tables, monitoring restrooms for cleanliness, and stocking all necessary toiletries.
Event Captains
Act in a managerial capacity, overseeing the entire event, walking the venue constantly to make sure all staff members are supported for any needs they may have. Addressing any guest issues quickly and effectively. Make sure the event timeline is being followed accurately and efficiently.
Promotional Models
Greet guests and walk around the venue, promote and speak about product or service being promoted, well-dressed and model like in appearance.
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About Julia Valler Staffing Agency
There are many good reasons why we have established ourselves as one of the top event staffing agencies in the entire NYC Metro area. We have been in business as an event staffing agency in NYC since 2013, and since our companies inception, we have stood apart from the competition by not only guaranteeing service excellence but demanding it of our staff simply by choosing only the best staff in our recruiting process.

Our employees are thoroughly vetted in order to provide our clients with the complete assurance that our staff is not only experienced and skilled at their jobs, but are also trustworthy and professional in their work behavior and demeanor. That is why only 7% of the applicants who apply to Julia Valler, are actually hired by our agency. Our brand has succeeded because we stand by our word at providing service excellence in every capacity.

So it comes as no surprise that since our beginning we have had a 98% client retention rate, due to guest and client satisfaction and our ability to provide this at every single event we work.

We proudly have worked with some top-notch clients such as Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Tiffany & Co., Ferrari, and many more. They also have worked with us on a repetitive basis, which goes to show that the best of the best favors our event staffing solutions over all the competition.
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