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10 Traits of the Perfect Bartender for Hire in NYC

Anyone that tries to make a go of finding a bartender for hire in NYC for the first time on their own is bound to make mistakes. It's gonna happen. You have to know how to properly vet them for their related experience, job skill levels, background, work ethic, and behavior, as well as their grooming habits. Whether you are looking to staff your restaurant, banquet event, or just need to hire a bartender for a party.

When you try to find a bartender for hire on your own, you are getting whatever an online resume dictates in black and white, and on day one of work, when your bar is backed up with drink orders, and they don't know how to make a Shirley temple, you realize you should have hired through a professional agency to get proper talent for staffing events.

So here we will go through our criteria for finding the perfect bartender for hire in New York City.
bartender for hire nyc

Top 10 Bartender Traits

# 1 Congeniality - When searching for an amazing bartender in NYC, looking for someone who knows how to work with a crowd and gain your client's trust in a natural way is key. They are part-skilled mixologists and part therapists. They know how to read a person's mood, while simultaneously getting them to open up their hearts. People should know your bartender by name like they've been lifelong friends separated at birth. So in other words "plays well with others".
#2 Memory of an Elephant - A true sign of a great bartender, is one that remembers names, stories, and the preferred drink of all the regulars who stroll through your establishment on a daily basis. Your bartender is more than just someone shaking a cocktail and pouring drinks. They are your guest's drinking buddy, who just so happens to only sips on sodas, and listen to them. The mark of a perfect bartender is one who has heard enough of these countless personal stories so that they could quite literally be used to help write their autobiography. More than remembering stories, they need to remember drink orders on busy nights. When they are getting slammed at the bar and 10 different people are all yelling drink orders at the same time, you need the right bartender with the right skills to be taking those mental notes and not losing track of anyone's request.
bartender for hire nyc
#3 Mad Math Skills - Having someone behind the bar that can crunch numbers like Rain Man, is something highly desirable in a top-notch bartender. Bartenders handle a lot of cash, and depending on your tip-splitting system, and payout methods, you need someone trustworthy and capable enough, to do the math right the first time so that everyone is getting the correct amounts. This also goes for giving the correct change to guests, having your numbers matching at the end of the day when you go to count the registers is absolutely critical.
#4 Mother Teresa Level Patience - Patience Exercise Number 1 -Your bartenders are going to get those guests that hum and haw and pick a drink to order and then say, "oh no, wait, wait, wait, I want this other drink instead…" while you're bartender is already in mid-pour. Patience Exercise Number 2 - Your bartender gets a guest that tries to pay their bill with either all pennies and Canadian nickels or a personal check from an out-of-state bank. So the art of knowing how to bite their tongue and smile, and then scream into the dumpster out back at the end of the night, is a check plus-plus in our books.
#5 Professional Professional Professional - Work ethic is not something you can necessarily train, it has a lot to do with a person's character. Having someone for your event staff in NYC who is reliable, shows up on time, works the long hours if need be, and arrives on time the next day ready to get back at it, is worth their weight in gold.
#6 All About Teamwork - A bartender that is ready to jump in and help when needed, is fantastic. Can they take a food order for a server that is slammed with tables, can they help the barback clear the bar tables on a busy night and get them to reset for the next round? It's not about this is my job and that is their job. A real bartender is mature enough to realize they are not in this business alone, and if the business flows well everyone benefits.
bartender for hire in nyc
#7 Time Management Skills - Knowing the pace of the orders coming in and being able to quickly adapt to the ebb and flow of the business, is an absolute necessity. On busy nights, they are anticipating a lot of orders, especially for popular drinks. Everything is well-stocked so that there is enough to get through the rush. They can shake a shaker while taking another drink order while telling the bar back to get more water bottles while... By contrast, on a slow night, instead of watching raindrops fall down the window, they know to be polishing glassware, stocking the bar, wiping things down, checking receipts, staying busy because you never know if this will be your only down time before you get your next rush.
# 8 Clean Machine - Another trait of a great bartender is one that holds cleanliness above all else. A bar is the focal point of an establishment, and if it looks a mess, then immediately your guests will start to assume the same about everything else in the place and start to reconsider other places to go to. Your bartender should be polishing glasses and bar tops to shine like mirrors. If they see that their barback or busser is too swamped to clean up after the guests at the bar area, they without asking, take the initiative to go in and clean up anything as soon as possible.
bartender for hire ny
#9 Good Situational Awareness - Part of the job is looking after the well-being and safety of the guests. That means knowing when someone is either drinking too much or showing up to the bar already intoxicated and denying them alcohol. Or when someone is getting too rowdy at the bar and it looks like something is about to pop off, they calmly and quietly ask the guest to leave, and if necessary, alert the bar manager or floor manager to call the cops.
#10 Loves Their Job - Passion counts for a lot. You don't want to hire a bartender in NYC that is just doing it to save up for a sweet ride, or to get into law school. You want someone who actually is excited about coming to do the job, who researches drink recipes and practices them at home countless nights, who takes pride in their craft, the quality of their drinks, and is always looking to improve themselves.
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