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Catering Jobs in New York and Miami

Our catering staff is poised, personable, and professional, eager to make any event a complete success.
Looking for catering jobs in New York? We are currently hiring catering wait staff in NYC and Miami. To apply — click the button apply and fill out the questionnaire. You should have valid permission to work in the US and you should have at least 1 year of food service experience.

At Julia Valler, our catering wait staff is composed of highly skilled and talented individuals with years of experience working for a variety of catering jobs in New York. They are poised, personable, and professional, eager to make any event a complete success. They are certified in all of the required food safety certifications, possess excellent food and wine knowledge, and are gracious to all the guests that they serve.

Our team is continuously trained to maintain and improve upon their field's skill levels. They always show up on time, well dressed in uniform, ready to get immediately to work as a cohesive team.
Bartenders, Servers
New York · Miami · Part-time
We are looking for personable, reliable and professional talent to join our roster in MIA/NY. You'll get to work at exquisite banquets, celebrity-attended cocktail hours, on the rooftops with the best MIA/NY views and participate in the latest brand activations, all while still pursuing your creative goals, auditioning and performing.

Job responsibilities include:
Helping to setup and breakdown the event venues;
Serving food and beverages.

We offer for you:
Flexible schedule — you choose when you work;
Competitive compensation;
Service training and professional growth opportunities.

Must be a US citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work authorization and SSN card;
Being able to follow directions, respond proactively and work well as a team;
Commitment to delivering personal best every time;
Ability to lift and carry up to 45 lbs;
Fine dining or high-end event experience in the role applying for.
We only accept online applications for catering jobs. Click "Apply" to be a step closer to joining the Julia Valler team!

Why Join Julia Valler's Staffing Agency

There are numerous benefits to joining a top staffing agency such as Julia Valler, but our staff has been happy with our benefits and dedication to them as a company since 2013.
Flexible Schedule
This is one of the number one sought out after options that job seekers desire when seeking employment post 2020. The ability to have the flexibility to work your job around your life instead of the other way around. With our agency, we will notify you of upcoming events which you can elect to work or not depending on your personal schedule.
Pay Rates up to $25/hr
Depending on your work experience and in-person interview test score, you can start working for our agency for pay starting at $15-$25/hr.
Gain Valuable Experience
You will work both corporate and private events at many different venues in NYC. Looks great on your professional resume!
Monthly Pay Increases
Every month your work and performance are evaluated and based on this your pay can also increase monthly.
Refer a Friend $50 Incentive
If you refer for employment a previous coworker or friend and they successfully complete 2 events with us, you will receive $50 per referral!
Summer Fun Employee Reward
Every summer we host an employee appreciation party exclusively for all of our employees. There you will get a chance to relax and mingle to get better acquainted with the rest of the Julia Valler team.
Julia Valler Clients
Our client list consists of high-end names such as Chanel, Ferrari, Puma, Tiffany & Co., plus many more.

Additional Jobs and Their Responsibilities

Banquet Server
Banquet Servers serve food either plated, French or buffet style, to the guests to provide the best quality of service. Take beverage orders and refill water glasses. Maintain a clean work area at all times. Remove empty plates and glassware to keep a tidy appearance.
Event Bartender
Event Bartenders create cocktails, serve beer and wine, and whatever bar menu is established for the particular event. Make sure drinks are chilled, and the bar area is fully stocked and clean.
Bar Captain
Bar Captains oversee the bar staff including bartenders, barbacks, and any other bar areas if multiple setups are in place at an event. Ensure orderly flow of service, and make sure that everything for the bartenders and bar area is in stock, and address any issues in the bar that may arise.
Event Captain
Event Captain is responsible for managing all the event staff and operations, ensuring smooth flow of service, and addressing any issues that may arise. Sanitation Captains are in charge of the bussers and making sure the venue is in a clean and orderly state at all times.
Food Passer
Food Passers greet guests warmly, describe food options on each tray you are serving, hand out passed canapes or hor d'oeuvres on specified serving trays with cocktail napkins to guests as directed in the event's plan.
Coat Check Attendant
Coat Check Attendants are responsible for checking in guests coats, hats, umbrellas, and any other paraphernalia they wish to check-in during the event. Greet guests warmly and keep an orderly coat check.
Barback is responsible for stocking water bottles, liquor and other alcoholic beverages, ice, napkins, garnishes, mixers, other beverages, cleaning glassware, restocking glassware, wiping down bar and bar stools, resetting bar with necessary table placements if required.
Bussers maintain a clean work environment, sweep floors, mop if necessary during spills, clear all tables of debris and dirty dishes, cutlery, napkins, table linens, glassware. Reset tables as directed per specific event. Take empty plates and glassware off of tables or guests hands to keep the event clean and running smoothly.
We only accept online applications for catering jobs. Click "Apply" to be a step closer to joining the Julia Valler team!
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