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Banquet Server Jobs in New York: all the pros and cons

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / December 16th, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Tired of the same old traditional restaurant gig and want to find another exciting alternative within the hospitality industry that you are so passionate about? Many servers have tried to find other event staff jobs that better suit their long list of wants and needs, and many have considered banquet server jobs as an enticing option that their server experience can be employed.

But when leaping into a new field, comes the doubt that comes with venturing into the unknown. Maybe you aren't sure if a banquet server job in New York is right for you personally, or is even the best career move at this point. We are here to put your questions and concerns to rest, by laying out all of the pros and cons that banquet server jobs involve, so you can make the best-informed decision for yourself!

The Pros of Banquet Server Jobs:

  • Money Talks - As a server, you can probably count on your fingers and toes the number of times you have been stiffed by a guest who either left a less-than-desirable tip or none at all! With a banquet server job, you never have to worry about how you are going to make a paycheck because your payment is guaranteed! You can work and feel relaxed knowing that your devotion to your job is going to be recognized and rewarded without any unexpected financial surprises or disappointments.
  • Professional Growth and Development - This particular field of work allows many to move on to higher levels within the event industry. If you are truly passionate about events, then you can gain valuable insight and experience to work towards those professional goals.
  • Make Your Own Schedule - Everyone has a life outside of their job that they want to have more time to attend to. Having a banquet server job enables you to determine what schedule you want to work that fits best around your other personal and professional goals. Being able to say yes or no to working an event is a definite perk that benefits your own time to devote to your other interests. It will also make you all around feel more positive towards going to work, knowing that you are in control of your shifts and you take on what you can handle, not what is just forced upon you.
  • Exciting Work Environment - Many times, banquet servers jobs in New York are employed to work high-scale events that are attended by the whos who of the moment with celebrities and famous brands having parties that are the envy of other servers to work!
The Cons:
  • Different Work Locations - Some people don't like having to move around to different work locations. When you work as a banquet server in New York, you will be working at different venues depending on the event that is booked. This can be a party hall, hotel, fashion show, celebrity home, and more! There are some that prefer to go to work at a consistent location every day, so this type of work is not for those who like the same daily routine.
  • Higher Level of Responsibility - Banquet server jobs require more dedication, attention, and follow-through to ensure the guests are receiving the top-class care that the client has paid for upfront. This means the finest level of hospitality service available

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