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5 Benefits of a Catering Job in NYC

There are countless benefits to working a catering job in NYC. If you have been thinking about venturing into this area of hospitality, you will be pleased to know that you are making an excellent career choice!

We will illustrate the top 5 all-time best reasons why you need to consider working in the catering industry and how a catering job can benefit you most.

5 Reasons to Work in the NYC Catering Industry

There are more than just 5, but these are the ultimate reasons why you need to work a catering job in NYC. Ready to find out why? Let's go!
  • #1 Ability to Plan Your Schedule
    This is probably the number 1 reason why most people join the hospitality industry- to have a flexible schedule. Whether it's your personal life, or you are pursuing your dream on the side, having a job that fits your scheduling needs is key.

    However, a lot of jobs in the industry aren't as flexible as they initially claim to be. That is why catering jobs stand out as the best option for hospitality workers to get into, as it offers a completely flexible schedule that you can plan for yourself!
  • #2 Opportunity to Earn Good Money Without Sitting in the Office from Morning to Evening
    Have negative thoughts about your current 9-5 job? Stuck in a cubicle or a boring office with a pay rate that is less than ideal? Shake off that office job and leap instead into a financially rewarding catering job that can provide you with the security you need to take care of all of your fiscal responsibilities.
  • #3 Opportunity to Work at Elite Banquets for Celebrities
    Catering jobs offer more than just a great source of income and an amazing schedule, you get to rub elbows with the top celebrities out there! Many times in NYC there are high-class banquet events that hire catering staff and attending those events are your favorite celebrities and notable names!
  • #4 Work in an Industry Where Every Day Is a Holiday
    If you are looking for a job to get into that is exciting and fun where every day feels like a celebration almost, catering jobs are perfect for you! At these events, people are gathering to mark a special occasion, and the decor, food, atmosphere, and guests, are all echoing that positive vibe.
  • #5 Opportunity to Work with the Best
    Only the very best make it in catering jobs, people who are happy in their work and looking to move up in their careers. Catering staff are also very proud of their work and go out of their way to ensure the guests are completely happy. This job can be very rewarding in many ways!

How to Find a Catering Job in NYC
The best source of catering jobs in NYC can be found working with a tenured agency specializing in staffing for events like Julia Valler. Our agency has been at the top of the hospitality industry since 2013 with many accolades.

We are recognized and sought out for our incredibly talented event staff in NYC by such famous brand names as Coach, Chanel, Ferrari, Disney, Tiffany & Co., and many more!
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