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5 Rules Every Waitress for Hire Should Follow

There are a set of 5 rules that every waitress for hire must adhere to in order to provide outstanding and professional service to the guest. These rules have been established over time and are the foundation for what you would expect from your waitstaff.

When looking to hire professional waitstaff, there is a mental checklist that you should be ticking off when inquiring into a talent to ensure they meet the standard of service that you expect and your guests deserve. Failure to follow these essential 5 rules means your staff will create an environment that can lead to complications for you in the long run.

Why Waitress for Hire is an Important Person at Every Party

Finding the right waitress for hire for your party is absolutely imperative if you want to provide your guests with a memorable experience and an impressive event. From an event planning perspective, having a solid team of waitstaff will also benefit your event timeline in that they know how to expedite the food service in a manner that suits your needs.

5 Rules of Professional Waitress for Hire

The following are a set of known rules for professional hospitality service that a waitress for hire must demonstrate:
  • Professional Appearance Always
    Having a clean and pressed uniform, non-slip black or dark colored work shoes in excellent condition, hair, and general appearance are well-groomed and presentable. No visible tattoos, jewelry, or excessive use of perfumes and other scented products. The first impression the waitstaff give tells your guest what they can expect from the service.
  • Friendly Service and Demeanor
    A little goes a long way in this industry. A warm and friendly smile and a quick offering of assistance are gold when it comes to great guest service. Greeting the guests as they arrive and thanking them for their patronage as they leave.
  • Respect Guest Privacy
    Being a part of the waitstaff means you overhear a lot of different conversations. Keeping guests' conversations private and not gossiping with others about the details is part of the trust that guests expect when they are getting great service.
  • Good Relations with Co-Workers
    Fostering and maintaining good relationships with your coworkers is key to having a positive working environment. When you have a solid relationship with other staff members, you can count on them to help you when you need them to.
  • Professional Integrity and Honesty
    Being trustworthy is important as your coworkers, guests, and employers depend on you to provide accurate information as part of your professional responsibilities.

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