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Catering Wait Staff for Hire For NYC Caterers

Catering Wait Staff
NYC catering companies have enough on their plate without adding on the taxing responsibility of also hiring catering staff. Finding the perfect catering wait staff, with the right training and experience, who will have the mature attitude to arrive to the event on time and carry out their responsibilities expertly, is no easy feat to not only locate but to recruit.

The food service and also the hospitality industry in general, will all chime in woefully together that they encounter extremely high turnover rates — it is part and partial to the nature of this industry. The turnover rate is more than double for catering wait staff and a factor of 5 for restaurant servers compared to the turnover rate in other industries. High turnover ultimately means these workers have many options when it comes to looking for new jobs, which creates a pretty competitive environment for those businesses looking to hire the best staff. It becomes quite literally, a quest for finding the diamond in the rough.

As a caterer you have to be juggling a thousand things at once, worrying about training staff in proper table service, food safety, and handling large events is not something you want to throw on top of your pile of responsibilities.

Your easiest solution? Finding a top-notch professional event staffing agency, to bring their already painstakingly sought out, vetted, and hired talent, to your table.

Why NYC Caterers Hire From Our Staffing Agency

We offer a vast array of different types of food industry-related staff members for hire to our clients and often in last-minute scenarios. From banquet servers to cocktail servers to bartenders to various back-of-house staff, we cover all of the necessary food service bases.
  • 1
    Long-term Сooperation
    Caterers in the NYC and surrounding metro areas have long since worked with our agency for many reasons.
  • 2
    Industry Leader
    We have been leading in this industry for the last 13 years which goes to show that we know our stuff.
  • 3
    Talented Catering Wait Staff
    We select only the very top talent out of the vast number of job applicants we receive. Only 7% of those job hopefuls, actually get hired.
  • 4
    Great Work Experience
    Our hires have great work experience, positive attitudes, professional behaviour, and work seamlessly together as one cohesive team.
  • 5
    Thorough Staff Сheck
    Every one of our catering wait staff has been subjected to background checks and their references and job experience has been thoroughly vetted.
  • 6
    Additional Training
    We provide to our wait staff our own additional training to ensure everyone has the same polished skills, and goes about service exactly as expected without a hitch.

We Are The Most Trusted Source For Caterers In NYC

Here at Julia Valler Event Staffing, we have had long standing relationships with many catering agencies in NYC. We are sought out and used continuously by these clients because our level of service and quality of talent is consistent and unmatched.

We have professional account executives that guide new catering agencies to our agency, through the easy steps of hand-picking the catering wait staff they need for their events. Give us a call as soon as your event's date is settled, and we will take the stress factor of hiring the right staff members, out of your equation, and into our steady and experienced hands.
Not only do we provide catering wait staff, we provide peace of mind

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