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Find the Best Bartender for your Christmas Party

bartender for christmas party in nyc
Every New Yorker knows how critical it is to find the right bartender to make the perfectly crafted drink. Finding a great bartender for hire to work your Christmas party is even more important, as you want to impress your guests with a memorable occasion.

You could go through the run-of-the-mill option of hiring your best friend's cousin's neighbor, or looking for a bartender for hire on a gig site online, but the best bang for your buck to deliver a great party and drink is to hire only through a trusted source.

That trusted source in NYC is Julia Valler Event Staffing Agency. We have been the leading source of hospitality staffing since our business's inception in NYC back in 2013. We have provided an edge over our competitors by providing top model quality talent with high-class looks and skills as well as very charismatic and engaging personalities to make your event one to remember.

What Does a Bartender Do at an Event

Our bartenders for hire at Julia Valler provide not only exceptional guest service, but they have winning personalities that will charm and create a very warm environment at your event.

They not only have a vast knowledge of wines, liquors and other beverages but they are also trained and experienced with food to know what foods to recommend to pair with what drinks. They create jaw-dropping hand-crafted cocktails which look and taste like a work of art and will inform your guests and explain any questions they may have about the beverage available with confidence.

Our bartenders organize their bar setup to look organized, to be proficient and effective, and to look esthetically pleasing to the eye. They know to stock it well and to communicate with any support team members such as a barback or Bar Captain, if they are running low on anything during your event so as not to run out when a guest asks for something.

When Should I hire a Bartender for My Event

With the holidays being as busy as can be, you need to hire your bartenders and any other even staff you may require of our agency as soon as your event date has been cemented. We do try to work around any last-minute staffing needs you may have, but with the number of events we will be handling we want to be able to provide you with the best client service possible so we ask that you book your staff as soon as you can.
Why Choose Julia Valler Event Staffing
Top Quality Talent - Our model-quality bartenders and other event staff are hand-picked out of the many applicants we received. Only 7% of them make the final cut to join our agency.
Account Executives - We provide our clients with excellent client services in that our Account Executives are waiting by the phone to carefully and expertly guide you through our hiring process. Account Executives are on hand to give you personalized white glove customer service.
Insured Staff - All of our event staff for hire are W2 employees and are also fully insured by Julia Valler
Elegant Uniforms - We have several different chic uniforms to choose from for our staff to wear no matter the type of event you may have. From casual to high class, we have the right uniform to match. We also work with custom uniform requests!
Top Trusted Staffing Agency - We have been in business since 2013 and have successfully operated in NYC and now expanded into Miami in 2021!
Not only do we provide bartenders for a party, we provide peace of mind

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