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3 Reasons to Leave the Restaurant and Start Working as a Banquet Server in NYC

Julia's Blog about Event Staffing / September 21st, 2022 / ~ 8 minutes read
Have you ever thought about ditching your restaurant job and pursuing instead a career of being a banquet server in NYC? There are countless advantages of being a banquet server in NYC over staying in a regular restaurant gig. We will go over them all, and by the end of this article, you will be knocking down the door to start a new career path with a top NYC event staffing agency!

Now before we go into all the reasons, think about what it was that you first wanted from a restaurant job when you initially took the job. Most people have the same reasons, money, and flexibility! Many people get a restaurant job at some point so they can earn a living and schedule their work around their other interests or personal pursuits. But the downside of traditional restaurant jobs, is that they aren't as flexible as they appear to be at first.

We are here to remind you that you can still make money, wait tables, have fun, do new and interesting things every day on the job, and still have time for your own personal life! So let's dive into those reasons to find banquet server jobs in NYC.
Reason # 1. Banquet Server Jobs Pay More
  • Tired of being stiffed by people who go to your restaurant and forget ot leave a tip, or barely leave anything at all? With a job as a banquet server in NYC, your pay is GUARANTEED, no matter what.

    We offer highly competitive hourly rates based on experience. Plus we reward our staff, the better you do, and the more experience and time you spend with our agency, the more your pay goes up! We review our staff members frequently to offer both professional feedback and guidance as well as financial incentives to reward your excellent work!
Reason # 2. Increase in Professional Growth
  • There are more professional avenues you can take when you work for an acclaimed staffing agency. You will make many different professional contacts and the work is taken more seriously than someone who works merely for a restaurant.

    If you are looking to develop your skills and climb up the professional ladder, then a job as a banquet server in NYC is the perfect place to start!
Reason # 3. Flexible Schedule
  • Many times people start working as a server in a restaurant, but because of staffing limitations or the demands of the business, are not guaranteed the schedule they originally agreed to. This can become stressful for staff members, especially those who depend on that freedom to pursue their own personal lives.

    When you work as a banquet server in NYC, you are choosing what events you want to work on based on your own availability. You choose what you work, for and you create your own schedule! Now you can have that time to take a class, or pursue your own goals, and still have your finances guaranteed

Where to find the best banquet server jobs in NYC

Does being a banquet server in NYC sound like just the answer you've been looking for? Great! At Julia Valler we are looking to top waitstaff for hire to add to our amazing team. Contact us today to learn more about our different career opportunities!
Not only do we provide banquet servers for a party, we provide peace of mind

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