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Event Bartenders
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours

Banquet Servers
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
Promo models
-Flexible schedule
-Opportunity to represent famous brands
Event Captains
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
Event Staff Jobs in NYC
Please choose only one most preferred job and fill out the form. In the form, you will be able to tell about all your experience.
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
-Flexible schedule
-Work at elite banquets and celebrity-attended cocktail hours
-Flexible schedule
-Opportunity to represent famous brands
If you have any questions about hiring, please call us 332.208.9829
We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
If you have any questions about hiring, please call us 332.208.9829
We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Event Bartenders · Banquet Servers · Waitresses · Catering Jobs · Promotional Models · Brand Ambassadors · Registration Attendants · Butlers · Event Captains · Part-time
We are seeking individuals for event staff jobs in NYC who possess a captivating demeanor, unwavering dependability, and an exceptional level of expertise to become part of our esteemed team in the bustling metropolis of New York City. When you become a part of our event staff jobs in NYC, you will have the remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in splendid gatherings, mingle with renowned figures during glamorous soirées, savor breathtaking vistas from elevated rooftops, and engage in cutting-edge promotional campaigns. All the while, you can continue to pursue your artistic aspirations, attending auditions and showcasing your talents on stage.

We offer you:
  • Embrace the freedom of a flexible work schedule, where you reign over your work hours.
  • Immerse yourself in the extraordinary chance to serve as event staffing at prestigious parties and events graced by top celebs and figures of society.
  • Embark on an unparalleled journey of professional growth surrounded by a collective of consummate experts.

  • Currently hold the status of a U.S. citizen, possess permanent residency, or wield legitimate work authorization coupled with an SSN card.
  • Display adeptness in adhering to instructions, exhibiting proactive responsiveness, and showcasing exceptional teamwork.
  • Exude unwavering dedication to consistently deliver your utmost best.
  • Demonstrate the capability to effortlessly hoist and transport objects weighing up to 45 lbs.
  • Possess prior exposure and hands-on experience to fine-dining or high-profile event experience in the specific position you seek
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How to Become a Part of Our Team

Complete the online application
Engage with our customized digital form, enlightening us with a glimpse of who you are through a series of insightful queries.
HR Coordinator Email
Our HR coordinator will initiate correspondence with you via email, expounding upon pertinent details. Within a few business days of submitting the online form, anticipate their response. Remember to look at your SPAM folder if a response is not received within three business days.
Arrange an Interview for Event Staff Jobs in NYC
Once all the intricacies are clarified, our HR coordinator will set up an ideal time for an interview with you, and inform you of any preparatory actions you should undertake before the interview occurs.
The Interview Process
Once you accept the interview, you will start on your fantastic voyage with us where your mettle shall be tested in alignment with your chosen role. Expect an examination tailored specifically to your career aspirations, whether it be in the realm of mixology or more in the area of food service knowledge, etc.
You Made It!: Once you have triumphed in both interview and test, an extraordinary opportunity awaits you to embrace your newfound role within our exclusive team for working event staff jobs in New York. Welcome to Julia Valler!

Benefits of Working at Julia Valler

There are many pros to working for our agency here at Julia Valler. Below is a list of some of the top benefits of our company and why we stand out from the rest!
  • Great Starting Wage
    We believe in rewarding great talent with great pay.
  • Flexible Work Schedule
    You can see an online list of upcoming event dates in which you can select which ones you want to work depending on your availability.
  • Monthly Pay Increases
    We recognize our staffs hard work and evaluate job performance monthly. If you are assessed well, we will increase your rate of pay accordingly.
  • We Reward You With Fun
    Every summer we host employee appreciation events, where you can have a great time and relax while getting to know some of your fellow Julia Valler teammates.
  • $50 Referral Reward Incentive
    For each job referral that you bring us to join our staff, if they complete 2 successful events, you will receive an extra $50 per referral.
  • Gain Valuable Work Experience
    We are considered among the best event staffing agencies in the industry. Create excellent job experience and work references as well as lifelong friends, when you join our agency.
  • Julia Valler Clients
    Our clients are notable in name and reputation. Have a great time and join the fun working high-end events for our repeat clients such as Chanel, Reebok, Burberry, Puma, Ferrari, Tiffany & Co., and many more.
Exciting Part-Time Event Staffing Jobs Await with Julia Valler!
Come join our energetic team of staffing for events in New York City! We're looking for part-time event staff, and we want to find the best people who have flexible schedules. Event staff roles require individuals who are full of energy, determined, passionate about hospitality, and dedicated to providing excellent service to our guests. Do you feel a surge of excitement when meeting new people? Do you love creating unforgettable moments for our valued guests? Does the idea of working in beautiful venues, filled with luxury and famous people, match your idea of the perfect job? If you're enthusiastically nodding along with our offers, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.
Are you ready to join our agency's staffing for events? We'd love to hear from you and welcome you aboard! Please fill out the form completely and we will be in touch with you soon!