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Event Staffing in NYC

Great staffing is key to a successful event. But where do you find the right staff?
Julia Valler Staffing offers an easy and convenient solution.
Whether you're throwing a posh party for friends or a major corporate event, waitstaff will help ensure success. On the other hand, poorly trained staff or staff who are rude, can leave a terrible impression for your guests.
Bartenders and barbacks play an integral role in any event. Having drinks poured by professionals and cleared away in a timely manner will help ensure that you are able to impress guests, donors, and business partners alike. Our experienced bartenders can help ensure an elegant and successful event.
There's nothing more important than the representation of your brand. A promotional model who has not taken time to learn about your brand or, worse, doesn't show up for an event, can damage your brand's reputation. This is why we ensure that our models are trained and dependable
Our Advantages
Julia Valler Staffing offers a variety of advantages for event hosts.
  • Choose in One Place
    Hiring a group of independent contractors to staff your party means that you'll be looking for each individual employee and, if you're following smart business practices, vetting each individual employee. With Julia Valler Staffing, you can choose your entire waitstaff and promotional staff in one place.
  • Careful Vetting
    Whether you choose servers, bartenders, or promotional models with Julia Valler Staffing, you can be sure that you're choosing from the best. This is because we carefully vet all of our hires. In fact, only 7% of candidates out of any given applicant pool are invited to join our team.
  • Infinite Availability
    Due to the fact that we have a large staff with varied availability, we are happy to provide staffing for after-hours events and for last-minute bookings. If you have been let down by another company or an independent contractor, we are happy to fill in and ensure that your event is a success.
  • Preferred Staffing For Long-Term Clients
    Do you have multiple events in your future? Julia Valler Staffing can help ensure that you are working with a reliable staff who already know the venue. After all, while going through the trouble of orienting a team for a single conference or party when you can ensure that you're working with the people who have proven their reliability for future events.
  • Our Brilliantly Simple Selection Process
    When it comes to choosing the right team, we are here to help. If you have browsed our website and have a team in mind, we can make the arrangements. However, if you need a bit of extra guidance, our experienced account executives are happy to make recommendations.
One of the Top Event Staffing Agencies

Founded in 2013, Julia Valler Staffing has quickly earned client trust and established itself as one of the top NYC event staffing agencies. With nearly a hundred percent customer retention rate, it is no wonder that private and corporate clients prefer Julia Valler Staffing.
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Events We Are Proud Of
  • Met Gala
    Had the privilege of providing VIP model catering staff for the red carpet and main dining room from 2016—2019.
  • Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic
    Provided catering staff for VIP guests from 2016—2019.
  • Guinness World Record Event
    Provided 200 brand ambassadors for an event with 10,000 attendees.
  • Disney Cruises
    Provided 50 specially trained staff over a period of three months to greet, direct and check in guests
  • The Polo Bar by Ralph Lauren
    In preparation of their grand opening we managed the hiring process of all front of house hospitality staff - hostesses, servers, bussers, bartenders.
  • MoMA Reopening
    Provided staff for The Museum of Modern Art reopening parties.
We understand how important your event is to you but nobody should feel stressed at their own event. Let us take care of the stressful parts, so you can enjoy your next event.
Customer Service Vision
Our Goal: Make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.
We at Julia Valler want to make your event one that you can remember. When you turn to us you turn to highly skilled and trained professionals who will make sure your event is not only perfect every time but the process of making it perfect was a breeze.

  • 1
    Friendly faces
    We love to help others. You can expect a sincere smile and a warm welcome from us at every interaction.
  • 2
    All inclusive service
    We open our doors to everyone. You can expect to receive a high level of service and respect from start to finish.
  • 3
    We are here to help. You can expect us to work hard to find the resources and materials you need.
  • 4
    Accommodating approach
    We understand you may have special requests. You can expect us to consider your circumstances and to be flexible when we can.
  • 5
    Open and honest
    with you and follow through on our commitments. We will communicate how and why we have made our decisions.
  • 6
    Courteous and responsive
    in dealing with your needs. We will maintain professional relationships with all customers. We will collaborate and listen to your feedback to do things in new and better ways.
We will do everything to make sure that when you think Event you think — Julia Valler.

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